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My March results. Tough but overall very good month.

Here are my trading results as of 30/03/2020:

The overall result is very good. However, the March was very rough month, and I assume I was not the only one who experienced anxiety. Look at statistics: the average profit from a deal is only 1% and R:R (Risk & Reward) ratio is only 2. That's bad. I would like to keep the R:R ratio closer to three.

The market is very volatile, and it is very difficult to trade in such circumstances. There were many mistakes made, and I had not yet reduced the transaction risk as much as I should at the beginning of the month. I made several adjustments at the beginning of the month to regroup after several losses, thus I reduced trading volumes which you can clearly see – the future losses are very small, or trades are closed at zero.

I often close trades at zero or with minimal plusses / minuses. In these circumstances, and in general, I don’t like to sit with open position that stands still. My approach is: either the position goes up or I aggressively cutting losses.

Each trader has to adjust his trading style in these circumstances. I don't know anyone who would say that it's easy to trade now. Please let me know if you do and how you do it then. In my opinion anyone who keeps an account even at zero in such circumstances it is a very good trader. If someone manages to make some pluses, great, but I would say that some small losses are normal, though.

Let’s see how situation evolves, I’m sure that April results will be even more interesting to see than March ones.

Stay tuned!


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