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Lets the results speak for themselves: JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2020

Here are my trading results as of 03/03/2020:

The overall result is very good. However, what makes me more proud is that this has been achieved with rather small number of transactions. Overtrading is a big problem in trading, and I am glad having this problem contained, at least for now. It has been proven on many occasions that “the less is more”. You can get much better results with fewer transactions, especially if they are qualitatively weighted and thought through rather than trying too hard to be all over the place. Besides, I have realized that so-called Pareto principle (80/20 rule) works very well in trading as well. The 80% of the result comes from 20% (or even less) successful transactions. All other transactions have been negative, zero or simply not delivering the desired result.

The overall percentage of positive transactions is 48%. This is very good. If I can keep the result "close" to 50%, then the results are always good for me. My approach is to aggressively close negative deals, the deals that “relatively quickly” don’t produce results. In another words, the market is not moving into the direction I want. That’s why my Risk-Reward ratio is rather high (4,12). Of course, there are some downsides to this strategy, by pulling out too quickly on the deals that would have been positive afterwards. The thing is, you can’t predict and expect everything and have to make decisions at some point. So far my approach has worked out rather well.

I don’t like to keep an open deal that is not profitable and has been standing still for a long time. I want to see a movement that let me believe that there’s a profit, that’s what I’m interested in.

JANUARY was a very good month. Even though I made several mistakes, closed several deals too quickly, and didn’t open a few which I had to. I didn’t open those deals for just one but very good reason. Trading is not my main source of income, I have other things to do, and sometimes I just don’t have enough time for research to make well thought through quality decisions. So, I’m writing this blog to pace myself, to prioritize my spare time and allocate more time to my trading hobby I’m so passionate about, so within certain period of time I might be able to turn it into my main source of income.

FEBRUARY. Even though it looked like a terrible month with lots of mistakes and many transactions fixed too quickly, the results were good as well. Besides, I was able to take couple weeks off and went to enjoy sunny beaches and fantastic nature of Mauritius Islands.

VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) climber sharply at the end of the month. Since I find it difficult to trade in such volatile conditions I decided to fix profit conservatively. So, I look at market with great caution to open new deals. Let’s see how situation with China and COVID-19 unfold, opening new opportunities for those who properly research and brave enough to act accordingly.

Stay tuned!


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