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My trading results: AUGUST. Keep looking for the right opportunity.

I have managed to improve the R:R ratio to 3.3 this month. And the overall result is also positive + 2.25%. What I am not content with – the large number of transactions. Again, almost 30 transactions have been made. And that's way too many. Especially when I compare with 11 transactions per month at the beginning of the year.

The explanation is rather simple: my trading system has to deal with tough market conditions. Besides, I have become very, very cautious. Now I close the deal immediately if the transaction does not immediately "go" in the direction I want. I don't want to play guess games or take risks and wait for the unknown.

I am dealing with the positive transactions the same way, though. I’m not waiting for a miracle to happen – if the deal is with a plus sign, then I fix a small plus at the first opportunity.

I can admit that I lately have focused rather on preserving capital and not so much on profits.

You can clearly see in the graph. If at the beginning of the year there were significant increases, now there are many "points" (transactions) with minimal changes compared to the overall performance.

Once again, I have come to conclude that "less is more". I simply must continue to work on reducing the number of transactions. As usual, a trader has to watch the market 80% of the time and trade only 20% of the time. Patiently waiting for the right opportunity.

Overall, such results are rather typical for me. One to five months of great results make up for the whole year. The rest of the time I'm looking for the right opportunity.

Stay tuned!


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